Benegas Icons

The Benegas Management & Production agency of Paola Benegas, promotes new talents with the aim of highlighting their potential and professional skills.

Paola Benegas, supported by her team, through continuous scouting, in Italy and all over the world, and thanks to almost 20 years of experience in the field, has been able to discover many famous and respected personalities in different areas of show business, nationally and internationally.

The secret is to always be able to identify two fundamental factors right from the start: attitude and determination, which are essential values for those who dream of becoming famous.

The mission of Benegas Management & Production is to highlight the category of young people in the world of entertainment, cinema, commercial television and digital.

All those who embody this philosophy, accompanied by a Healthy aesthetic, for me represent ICONs and become an essential part of the Benegas Family from the very beginning.

Welcome and enjoy! I believe in your dreams.’’